Shed Some Light on Your Underwater Navigation

Make underwater navigation in low-light conditions oh-so-easy by adding a compass light. This small module inserts inside the SCUBAPRO console or wrist mount boot, just behind the compass. It fits both SCUBAPRO wrist mounted compasses (FS2 & FS1.5) and it fits following SCUBAPRO consoles: 3-gauge-in-line (metric and imperial, 05.023.363, 05.023.353 and the 2-gauge pressure gauge/FS2 compass metric/imperial, 05.022.218

The diaphragm is activated by water pressure, so the light switches on when you start diving (at around 10ft of depth) and automatically switches off once you're back on the surface.

This LED has no magnetic signature so it is perfect for military and professional divers.

Ships within: 1-4 business days 

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