• The SEAWING NOVA FULL FOOD has won the ScubaLab Testers Choice award 2013. It delivers the power, acceleration and maneuverability of a blade fin with the kicking comfort and efficiency of a split fin. It is highly comfortable to wear and fun to kick when cruising the underwater world. The wing shaped blade, more rigid on the sides than at its center, is flexing to channel the water for maximum forward power. The blade is attached to the foot pocket with articulated hinges, working like a multidirectional joint, to make maneuvering underwater as easy as can be and maintain the blade in the most efficient angle so the whole blade can create power with every kick.

    The SEAWING NOVA FULL-FOOT's ergo-fit foot pocket is low profile to prevent chaffing and blistering on the ankle and Achilles tendon, and it features Power Rails under its extended footplate for efficient power transfer, plus an extended toe box for comfort. The bottom of the fin provides efficient grip on slippery boat decks or dive ladders.

    The SEAWING NOVA is covered by SCUBAPRO’S limited lifetime warranty (limited because commercial use is not covered), that means you break it - you get a new one.
    • Fin type: fool foot
    • Material: monprene elastomer (extremely durable)
    • Blade type: vented with articulated hinges
    • None-skid footplate
    • Available colors: black
    • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
    • Warranty: lifetime limited warranty – if you manage to break your SEAWING NOVA you get a new one!
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days

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