$949.95 - $1,349.95

With its stylish chrome accents the AMPHOS AIR can be used as a daily watch while also providing all the computing power you need when diving.

The AMPHOS is base on the DSAT Decompression Model/Modified Haldanean. It has 5 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free-diving, Watch and can calculate dives with 2 different gases (1x 21–50%O2 and 1x 21–100%O2). You can set an independent pO2 alarm for each gas. It features selectable audible alarms with flashing icons and loading bar graphs for nitrogen-loading, oxygen-loading (CNS clock) and the ascent speed.

The AMPHOS will turn on automatically when wet. Safety and deep stops will be automatically displayed with a countdown (minutes AND seconds). 

The loogbook stores the complete information of 24 dives (3 screens each), in history mode it stores: total dives, max. depth, total dive hours and the lowest temperature. The battery can be changed by the user; stored data won't be lost during the battery swap.

Included in the package is an extension bracelet to wear the computer over a thick suit. The AMPHOS AIR can be ordered with or without the transmitter for wireless air-integration.

Our personal note: the DSAT decompression model is very well suited for cold water diving and the computer is doing well on decompression dives.

We recommend to use all dive computers conservatively and follow DIVERS ALERT NETWORK’s tips for a safer use of dive computers!

    • Decompression Model: DSAT Decompression Model/Modified Haldanean
    • Operating modes: 5 - Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free-diving, Watch
    • Max. operating depth: 80m
    • Air integrated: optional, wireless
    • Gases: 2 (21–50%O2 and 21–100%O2)
    • Independant pO2 alarm settings for each gas
    • Loading bar graphs (Nitrogen-loading, Oxygen loading-CNS clock, Ascent speed)
    • Selectable audible alarms with flashing icons
    • Safety Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (Min:Sec)
    • Deep Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (Min:Sec)
    • Dive planner: yes
    • Logbook: 24 dives (3 screens each)
    • History Mode: Total Dives, Max Depth, Total Dive Hours, Lowest Temp
    • Display: electro-luminescent
    • Battery: type-CR 2430, user replaceable
    • Maintains settings and data during battery swap
    • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass
    • Dimensions: 53mm x 53mm x 16mm / 2.1" x 2.1" x 0.63"
    • Colours: black/chrome
    • Bracelet extension included
    • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty
    • Ships within: 1-7 business days
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