The redesigned Suunto D4i NOVO comes in a range of fresh colors and with an all-new soft, comfortable silicone strap for that perfect fit. Lightweight and packed with handy features like freedive mode and optional wireless air integration (transmitter sold separately)  it’s got everything you need – wherever your diving may take you.

Our personal note: The D4i NOVO is a very safe, conservative computer resulting in long decompression stops. If you aim for doing decompression dives on a regular basis you’ll likely be happier with other models like the Sherwood Amphos or Shearwater computers.

We recommend to use all dive computers conservatively and follow DAN’s tips for a safer use of dive computers! .

    • Decompression Model: Suunto RGBM
    • Air integrated: optional, wireless (transmitter sold separately)
    • Operating modes: 4 - Air, Nitrox, Free-diving, watch
    • Gases: 1 (21% - 50%O2)
    • Max. operating depth: 100m / 328ft
    • Dive alarms
    • Safety Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (only minutes)
    • Deep Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (only minutes)
    • Dive planner: yes
    • Logbook: ~140 h (at a 20sec. sampling rate)
    • History Mode: lifetime
    • Display: electro-luminescent
    • Automatic activation when wet
    • Battery: CR2450
    • Detailed graphical logs and dive data with PC/Mac using Suunto DM5 software (USB cable included)
    • Updateable firmware
    • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass (2 scratch guards included)
    • Size: 71.2 x 71.2 x 29.5mm / 2.8" x 2.8" x 1.16"
    • Weight: 92 g / 3.25 oz
    • Colours: grey, white, lime
    • Bracelet extension included
    • Made in Finland
    • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty (1 year warranty on cable)
    • Ships within: 1-7 business days
  • Useful links:

    SUUNTO instruction videos

    SUUNTO D4i manual

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