• ATOMIC made a real effort to reinvent the snorkel. The SV snorkels have an internal tube with a one way scupper flap located inside the lower part of the snorkel. It works much like the scupper valve of a boat. Air needs to go through this piece of internal tube before reaching the mouthpiece. Any water entering the top of the snorkel (1) bypasses the mouthpiece completely and can be easily expelled through the purge valve (4). If water did enter the internal tube (2), the small one-way scupper flap valve (3) would allow water to flow past the mouthpiece and out the purge valve (4) without collecting at the bottom of the breathing passage. The diver simply exhales a small burst of air to clear any water trapped below the mouthpiece, and the internal tube airway is kept dry.

    The SV1 CONTOUR design has a conical flared top to deliver maximum airflow. It is the optimal choice for calm waters or for strong swimming situations. Even though water may enter the open top, the internal tube airway remains dry. The fixed lower section of the snorkel stays close to your mouth. The dual silicone mouth piece prevents over-clenching of teeth that would restrict airflow.

    Our personal note: we find all snorkels of the ATOMIC SV series to be the easiest to clear snorkels. No more tiny water drops entering your mouth with every breath. If any snorkel can be called dry, then it's the ATOMIC SV series, no matter if you choose an open or semi-dry design.
    • Type: open snorkel design
    • Internal scupper valve design to keep airway dry
    • Attachment: quick-connect clip
    • Mouthpiece: silicone, non-exchangeable
    • Available colors - all clear, black/red, black/yellow
    • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ships within: 1-7 business days

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