• The ATOMIC AQUATICS X1 BladeFin has the backbone to control and maneuver in tight spaces, perfect for alternate kicking styles such as helicopter, scissors, backwards, flutter and frog-kicks. Another design attribute of the X1 BladeFin that contributes to improved alternate kicking styles is asymmetrical blade bend flexing which provides more feel and control of the fin to maneuver more effectively without folding.

    EZ-LOK Buckle System: easily snap the buckle on and off. And be confident that it will not release accidentally. Buckles rotate 180 degrees and straps adjust with a simple pull.

    Our personal note: you can easily see the difference between the BladeFin and the X1 BladeFin: look at the amount of high quality black silicone used vs. the lower quality material, the coloured plastic. The BladeFin has way more of the expensive silicone material. This helps to bend the fin more in the middle thus to capture more water with every kick and provide more forwards power. Now look at the X1 BladeFin: you will see much less of the high quality silicone is used resulting in a heavier fin that is capturing less water. You will need more effort to produce the same power.
    • Fin type: open heel to use with boots
    • Material: dual-composite fin blade
    • Blade type: asymmetrical bend/flexing blade
    • Heel strap: adjustable, quick-connect swivel buckles
    • None-skid footplate
    • Available colors: blue, yellow, silver, red, pink, purple
    • Available sizes: S (men's US 5.5), M (6-8.5), L (9-11), XL (11.5-13)
    • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1. Rigid Low-Profile Side Rails and Shorter, Stiffer Blade Makes turning and pivoting easier. Most fins have taller side rails for tracking and bending strength. The Atomic X1 BladeFin has lower profile rails with less side-to-side resistance that allow you to rotate, spin and turn more efficiently during alternate fin kicks.

    2. Monocoque Structure and Power Plate Unique structural engineering design is connected to the low-profile rails, efficiently transferring power from the leg and foot to the rails.

    3. Asymmetrical Blade Bend Flexing This design attribute is perfect for alternate kicking styles. Scissor kicks, frog-kicking and helicopter turning in tight circles put more emphasis on the up-kick or return stroke. For these kick styles, the X1 provides more feel and control of the fin to maneuver more effectively without folding under heavy load.

    4. Vertical Stabilizers or Strakes Adds stability and lowers drag to keep the fin tracking straight as an arrow. Other fin designs use taller side rails to keep the fin tracking straight. By using strakes to straighten the fin, the X1 BladeFin does not add significant side drag like tall side rails.
  • Ships within: 1-7 business days

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