$29.00 - $54.00

We do not only sell you gear, we also take care of it when it's time for maintenance.

BCD service - what's included:

  • We do a leak test
  • We remove all valves and do a thorough internal cleaning and disinfection
  • We clean all valves
  • We open your power inflator, clean all internal parts, change moving o-rings and lubrify the mechanism
  • If you have an octopus-inflator combination we give regulator service to this 2nd stage
  • We re-assamble and test the BCD
  • Replacement o-rings for power inflator are included in the service but not 2nd stage kits or any other parts that might be broken.

Before sending in your BCD please call for an RA# and read our "How it works" instructions for maintenance.