• AL1200WP-IR: This LED light is similar to the BIGBLUE AL1200NP-IR, but with a more wide beam angle at 85°. The AL1200WP-IR emits infrared light outside the human's visible spectrum! You can't see it on your own but paired with a specialized camera system this light allows you to record and observe sea life without disturbing it.
    Features include 4 intensity levels regulated by the push-button, battery-level indicator, a burn time up to 20 hours and rechargeable lithium ion battery.
    Also available as light head only it you already have another AL1200.
    • Light Source: 1 XML LED
    • Light Output: 940nm
    • Angle Of Light Beam: 85 degree
    • Casing Material: aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive, anodized
    • Maximum Depth: 100 Meters Tested
    • Seal: double o-ring sealed
    • Available Colors: Black
    • Power Source: rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 battery
    • Burn Time: 2h (level IV), 4h (level III), 8h (level II), 20h (level I)
    • Weight: 168 g (including battery)
    • Bouyancy: -76 g (including battery)
    • Push-button with battery indicator
    • Front Glass: tempered optical glass, concave
    • Comes with: charger, battery and lanyard
    • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
    • Ships within: 6-8 business days

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