• In partnership with Atomic Aquatics, ZEAGLE engineered over 20 different improvements on everything from inner mechanisms and materials to exterior controls and aesthetics. The F8 breathes better, works harder and lasts longer than any other regulator they’ve ever made.

    1st stage: The F8 1st stage has a dry-sealed spring chamber (to stop freezing at water temperatures below 40 degrees F). All delicate parts of the 1st stage including the main spring are sealed behind the clear hydrostatic diaphragm away from the effects of salt or other contaminants in the water, making it environmentally sealed. It is very low in profile, barely extending above the tank valve, and places the low pressure hoses directly out to the sides, in a pattern preferred by many divers.

    New Neoflon seat: The conical precision high-pressure valve provides much greater reliability and service life compared to conventional designs, while improving responsiveness and performance at all breathing rates.

    Work of breathing at heavy* demand: 0.72 Joule/Liter *198 (60M) depth, 750 psi inlet, 62.5 RMV (liters per minute respiratory volume)

    Like all Zeagle regulators, The Flathead-8 comes factory ready for use with EAN/ NITROX to 40% O2.
  • 2nd stage: A new inhalation diaphragm  provides superior tear strength and improved response time to breathing (super soft silicone molded over a low friction disk). The improved exhaust valve  ensures dryness and a lower exhalation effort.

    Another revolutionary difference to most regulators is the seat-saving orifice. It is not screwed into its base, it can move. The sharp edge of the orifice is the part that is sealing against the teflon seat of the 2nd stage when you are not inhaling to stop the airflow. In common systems, when the reg is not used, these 2 parts are resting against each other, meaning the sharp edge of the orifice is cutting into the seat.

    With the F8 these 2 parts don't rest on each other and the seat doesn't get used while in storage. Only when you turn on the tank (put air in the system) the flow of air will push the orifice against the seat, creating the seal.

    The seat is made of soft silicone molded over a metal insert to deliver the firmness required for an airtight seal while maintaining the necessary elasticity to prevent leaking.

    Redesigned front cover  and inhalation effort control knob use co-molded components that provide the necessary grip, soft touch and ease of use.

    The redesigned heat sink dramatically increases surface area thus aiding in the heat exchange necessary to avoid freeze-up. In addition the heat sink and inlet tube are zirconium-plated for superior corrosion resistance.

    Several color kits are available for the F8 2nd stage to perfectly match your gear or mark different gasses.
  • Designed for cold water diving and Nitrox ready up to 40%

    1st stage
    • Body material: marine-grade brass with black satin chrome finish
    • Seat material: precision machined neoflon (PCTFE)
    • Air-balanced diaphragm design
    • Environmentally sealed
    • 2 HP ports
    • 5 LP ports
    • Available in INT and DIN 300
    • Weight: 1.2lbs/545g (DIN)

    2nd stage
    • Air-balanced downstream valve
    • Casing material: nylon 12
    • Valve housing (barrel) material: 316 stainless steel
    • Inhalation effort adjustment knob
    • Venturi system (dive/pre-dive switch)
    • Redesigned heat sink
    • Compact and light design
    • Colour kits available in: aqua, black, blue, pink, purple and red

    Service interval: 12 months
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days. 

    All Zeagle regulators are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and include free parts for your annual service. Restrictions apply (valid for original owner and at regular service intervals)! For more details check Zeagle's warranty page.

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