The Delux Advanced Diver Kit contains:
· Hollis safety buoy with pouch: value 135.95$
· 100' finger spool with stainless steel clip: value 32.95$
· Scubapro FS2 compass: value 139.99$
· Dive Rite line cutter: value 37.95$
· BigBlue primary and backup light combo: 1200 lumen primary light (choice of narrow or wide beam) + 250 lumen backup light: value 251.95$


Total VALUE of: 598.79$  --> Kit price: 499$

Ships within 4-7 business days. You can click on each photo to know more about the product. Please choose an OPTION depending on which light you prefer.

The SCUBAPRO compass is configured for the southern AND northern hemisphere. 

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