$715.95 - $944.95

  • The CLASSIC XT Wing (model BC 5400) is the workhorse of DIVE RITE's series of wings. With a history dating back to our early days, the Classic Wing has been dived and proven many times over, leading the way for divers to penetrate deep into caves, explore shipwrecks, or cruise comfortably deep on an ocean ledge. Designed solely for double tanks and with the option of a single or dual bladder, the CLASSIC XT provides 65lbs/27.2kg of lift, which can accommodate two 104ft3/17l back mounted cylinders and two 80ft3/11l stage bottles.

    Supporting heavy doubles and stage bottles is one thing, but being able to properly balance and stabilize that amount of heavy gear for proper trim while swimming is where the CLASSIC XT really shines. The donut-shape design provides excellent stability and control while diving by keeping a volume of inflation on the top, sides, and bottom. This, along with an optional integrated Gusset Control System (GCS - bungee straps on 1 side of the wing that can be removed) that reduces “taco” effect, promotes effective streamlining and puts buoyancy where it is most needed (throughout the torso supporting the weight of the tanks) for superior horizontal trim. The GCS is not like a bungee wing because it does not restrict airflow; instead, the GCS promotes added streamlining and buoyancy control, yet allows the wing to inflate to its full capacity.

    Designed to handle the extremes, the CLASSIC XT is built using the rugged SuperFabric® brand technology XT material that creates an armor-clad outer shell that is impervious to damaging pinches and cuts, along with a 1680 ballistic nylon diver's side panel. Inside the SuperFabric® outer shell a heavy-duty, 210 denier nylon laminated bladder enhances the ruggedness and superior performance of the CLASSIC XT.

    The CLASSIC XT comes equipped with a choice of a 12- or 16-inch elbowed corrugated inflator hose or a 16-inch rapid exhaust (pull dump) along with an appropriate low-pressure inflation hose. It also has two sets of marine-grade 316 stainless steel grommet mounting holes for attaching the wing to a harness and set of tanks.

    As a part of DIVE RITE's modular BCD system, the Classic XT can be matched with either a TransPac® XT, Transplate, or any metal back plate and webbing harness.

    The Classic XT is backed by DIVE RITE's WORRY-FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE and is made exclusively in the U.S.A.
    • Type: horseshoe wing
    • Outside material: highly durable SuperFabric® brand technology material, 1680 denier ballistic nylon at the side panel
    • Inner air cell: single, 210 denier nylon laminated bladder
    • Lift: 65lbs/27.2 kg
    • Cylinder accommodation: 2x104ft3/17l back mounted cylinders and two 80ft3/11l stage bottles
    • Gusset Control System for streamlining
    • Dump valves: 1, bottom left
    • 3 choices of Power Inflators: 16inch corrugated hose with dump-pull mechanism, 16 or 12inch without dump-pull mechanism
    • Grommets: 4, marine-grade 316 stainless steel
    • Colour: black with grey side panel
    • Product dry weight: 3lbs/1.36kg
    • Approximate dimensions uninflated: 24-in. H x 26-in. W (60.9 cm x 66.0 cm)
    • In the box: Classic wing with your choice of corrugated hose power inflator and LP inflator hose
    • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty
    • Ships within: 1-9 business days
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