A pee-valve (relief-valve) is a critical accessory for any drysuit diver, especially on long dives. Without a pee-valve, divers tend to intentionally dehydrated themselves to avoid the "urge" during an extended bottom time dive. Hydration is critical to avoid decompression sickness and with our relief valves proper hydration is no longer a concern. Machined from Delrin, it is light weight so it will not add stress to drysuit material and it is corrosion resistant.

The Balanced Relief Valve is equipped with an internal one-way valve so that the tubing is equalized with the air pressure inside the drysuit for comfort. The balanced valve is preferred by deep divers and is essential for women using cup devices.

This Relief Valve has a hands free design with an external one way valve so the relief valve can be dived without being connected. It is very important to clean your relief valve after use to prevent urinary infections. Steramine is popular for cleaning relief valves and rebreather breathing loops.

You will still need a she-pee system for women or a condom catheter for men to complete this system.

We offer 2 installation options for pee-valves:

1) order just the pee-valve for self-installation

2) have it installed on a drysuit that you order at the same time

If you wish to send in a drysuit and have us install the pee-valve please call us for a Return Authorization number (RA#) and to arrange shipping.

Color: black

Ships within 1-3 business days

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