• SCUBAPRO's FULL-FACE MASK is a professional quality mask designed for maximum safety and comfort while diving in very cold water, diving in wrecks or caves or when technical diving. The FULL-FACE MASK features large anti-fogging treated lenses that provide a substantially wide field of view and create an open, airy at-depth experience. Compartments for nose and mouth are separate with the top compartment being equivalent to a dual lens mask.

    The silicone is chemically resistand and thanks to its ultra-wide skirt, the FULL-FACE MASK will fit a wide variety of faces. And its five-point "spider" strap system with quick-adjust stainless steel buckles enable you to dial in a fit that is virtually custom-made to conform to your facial contours.

    A one-way valve provides an optional alternate air source adapter. Direct inhalation is possible with or without internal mouthpiece. Please note that the A700, G260 and R195 cannot be connected to the Full-Face due to the different size of the mouthpiece adapter.

    The FULL-FACE MASK design is also ideal for using a secondary air source, for diving in contaminated environments, or if you want to set up an underwater communication system. For this reason, the FULL-FACE MASK is widely used by military and commercial divers worldwide. However, it is also a very viable option for recreational divers that want to take their diving skills and diving experiences to the next level.
    • Mask type: full face mask
    • Recommended use: diving, comercial and military applications, diving in contaminated environment
    • Separate compartments for nose and mouth
    • One-way valve provides an optional alternate air source adapter
    • Mask skirt: chemically resistant silicone
    • Strap attachment: 5 point spider strap system with stainless steel, quick-adjust, positive-lock buckles
    • Glass: Mineral anti-fogging treated, tempered glass
    • Corrective lenses: not available
    • Available colors: black
    • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
    • Comes with bag
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days. This item qualifies for free shipping within Canada! Restrictions apply, but very few. Please check our shipping policies for details.

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