• Going down armed with a smooth-breathing backup reg doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to be expensive. The R095 OCTO is proof of that.

    The R095 octo reg is about as simple as can be, yet delivers air reliably when needed. It is a new economical second stage featuring classic downstream valve technology that has a well-earned reputation for safety and reliability. Designed to be extremely easy to use in an emergency, the R095 is pre-tuned to the optimum inhalation volume for safe and uncomplicated use - you never have to hassle with control knobs or switches; simply put it in your mouth and breathe.
    • Classic downstream valve - unbalanced
    • Valve housing (barrel) material: metal
    • Nitrox ready up to 40%
    • Weight: 0.31lbs/141g (without hose)
    • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: 1400 l/ min = 50 SCFM
    • Comes with 39" yellow hose
    • Service interval: 24 months or 100 dives - whichever comes first
    • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days. 

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