The Shearwater NERD 2 (Near Eye Remote Display) is the first technical dive computer with a display mounted on the diver’s rebreather mouthpiece or standard scuba regulator. This revolutionary device keeps crucial information in your line-of-sight for the entire dive. Thanks to the Micro LCD display and magnifying lens, the data appears as if displayed on a 25” TV screen 12’ away, with no need to focus. The display is unobtrusive as it virtually disappears when you look straight ahead. The numbers are there when you need them and out of the way when you don’t.

Shearwater computers are known for their simple navigation. The NERD 2 is operated with a 2-button design. It has an integrated, 3-axis, tilt compensated compass.

You can oder it with a Fischer or DiveCAN connector or as a stand alone unit to be mounted on a scuba regulator. The NERD 2 can connect to up to 4 Swift transmitters. 

The NERD has 6 different dive modes:

OPEN CIRCUIT RECREATIONAL: full-featured nitrox computer, up to 3 gases.

OPEN CIRCUIT TECHNICAL: up to 5 gases, Trimix enabled by default.

3 REBREATHER/BAILOUT modes: handles 5 OC/5 CC gases, Trimix enabled.

  1. CC-INT: closed circuit fixed ppO2
  2. CC-EXT: closed circuit external ppO2. Real time PPO2 monitoring of up to 3 O2 sensors.
  3. SCR-EXT: semi-closed circuit external ppO2. Real time PPO2 monitoring of up to 3 O2 sensors.

GAUGE: depth, time, resettable stop watch function, full dive logging.

Our personal note: if you dive CCR - that's the computer you want.

We recommend to use all dive computers conservatively and follow DIVERS ALERT NETWORK’s tips for a safer use of dive computers!

    • Decompression Model: Buhlmann GF algorithm (optional VPM-B algorithm available)
    • Operating modes: 6 - OC recreational (air, nitrox), OC technical (trimix), Gauge, 2 CC modes (fixed ppO2 and external ppO2, semi-closed rebreather mode
    • Integrated FISCHER or DiveCAN connector, reads information from up to 3 O2 cels
    • 3 axis, tilt compensated digital compass
    • Max. operating depth: 260m/850ft
    • Air integrated: no
    • Gases: 3 in recreational mode, 5 in technical mode, 5 in CC mode
    • Independent, customisable alarms 
    • Safety Stop: yes, displayed with countdown
    • Deep Stop: yes, displayed with countdown 
    • Dive planner: yes, including deco dive planning
    • Logbook: 1000 hours
    • Display: Micro LCD with magnifying lens
    • Battery: single AA, user replaceable
    • Maintains settings and data during battery swap
    • Classic Bluetooth enabled
    • Upgradable firmware
    • Multiple languages including: English, French, German, Spanish and more
    • Fits most rebreather mouthpieces and regulators
    • Dimensions: (ØxH) = 33 x 86mm
    • Weight: 74g (148g with fisher)
    • Color: black
    • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty
    • Ships within: 4-7 business days
  • Useful links:

    SHEARWATER NERD downloads (manuals, release notes,...)

    SHEARWATER NERD mounting tutorial video

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