Rigorous testing to the highest standards, commitment to safety and proven reliability over thousands and thousands of dives have earned SHEARWATER divers' trust all over the world.

The PETREL 3 has 4 different dive modes:

OPEN CIRCUIT RECREATIONAL: in this mode the PETREL 3 works like a full-featured nitrox computer and is able to handle 3 different gases. The perfect mode for the serious recreational diving enthusiast. Includes adaptive safety stop and NDL bar graph.

OPEN CIRCUIT TECHNICAL: in this mode the PETREL 2 can handle 5 gases and is Trimix enabled by default.

CLOSED CIRCUIT/BAILOUT: handles 5 OC/5 CC gases, Trimix enabled, constant PO2 for closed circuit.

GAUGE: depth, time, resettable stop watch function, full dive logging.

A 2.4" big display let's you customise which information you want to see where. Find your way with the integrated 3 axis, tilt compensated digital compass. The PETREL 2 can be set to different languages including French, Spanish and many more. Download dive details and log using Bluetooth technology.

Our personal note: a really great computer companion from your first underwater kicks to your more advanced diving adventures. 

We recommend to use all dive computers conservatively and follow DIVERS ALERT NETWORK’s tips for a safer use of dive computers!

    • Decompression Model: Buhlmann GF algorithm (optional VPM-B algorithm available)
    • Operating modes: 4 - OC recreational (air, nitrox), OC technical (trimix), Gauge, CC/bailout (CCR)
    • 3 axis, tilt compensated digital compass
    • Max. operating depth: 260m/850ft
    • Air integrated: no
    • Gases: 3 in recreational mode, 5 in technical mode
    • Independent, customisable alarms 
    • Customisable display (choose which info to show where)
    • Safety Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (Min:Sec)
    • Deep Stop: yes, displayed with countdown (Min:Sec)
    • Dive planner: yes
    • Logbook: 1000 hours
    • Display: 2.2" full color LED LCD
    • Battery: single AA, user replaceable
    • Maintains settings and data during battery swap
    • Smart Ready Bluetooth interface
    • Upgradable firmware
    • Multiple languages including: English, French, German, Spanish and more
    • Strap mount (integrated, optional bungee mount)
    • Dimensions: 83 x 74 x 39mm / 3.26" x 2.9" x 1.53"
    • Weight: 260g / 0.57 lbs
    • Color: black
    • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty
    • Ships within: 1-7 business days
  • Useful links:

    SHEARWATER PETREL downloads (manuals, release notes,...)

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