• Designed to provide outstanding breathing performance and reliability. The Sherwood Octo maintains dedication to rugged reliability combined with ease of maintenance and improved breathing performance. The Sherwood Octo has been the overwhelming favorite for rental applications for decades because of its simple reliability.

    Being pneumatically balanced, the SHERWOOD OCTO is breathing effortless during all stages of the dive. It features the same characteristics as the SHERWOOD BRUT 2nd stage but with a yellow front cover and 36" yellow hose.

    Average work of breathing less than 1.12 J/L (@ RMV = 62.5 l/min, depth = 50 m, service pressure = 50 bar)
    • Cold water regulator
    • Air-balanced
    • Casing material: glass-filled polyamide
    • Valve housing (barrel) material: plastic
    • Nitrox ready up to 40%
    • Weight: 0.55lbs/250g (without hose)
    • Average work of breathing less than 1.12 J/L
    • Service interval: 12 months
    • Warranty: 2 years limited manufacturer's warranty, parts for life program
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days.

    All SHERWOOD SCUBA 1st and 2nd stages are covered by a 2 years limited manufacturer's warranty and participate in the "parts for lifetime" program. Restrictions apply (valid for original owner and at regular service intervals)!

    Useful links:

    SHERWOOD SCUBA's product registration

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