• The GEMINI Octo-Inflator keeps power inflation, oral inflation, and exhaust trim valve design similar to standard BC inflators, so you are already familiar with the Gemini’s operating system. It allows easy single-handed control in any dive situation. The GEMINI is available in Yellow, Red, and Blue and participates in the SHERWOOD “limited life free parts” program. 

    Our personal note: a 2-in-1 Octo-Inflator combination is generally used to have less hoses going off your 1st stage thus be more streamlined and to have your alternative air source always ready in a place where you are used to look for. During a dive the inflator is one of the most used pieces of your gear so you won’t have any problems finding your alternative air source should you ever need it. In case of emergency you simply pass on your main regulator to your buddy and breath from the Octo-Inflator yourself.

    You are also saving a bit of weight when traveling but be aware that an Octo-Inflator has a different hose connector than most regular BCs and dive shops usually don’t rent gear to fit with an Octo-Inflator so be sure to bring adaptors for emergencies.

    Like the buttons on a regular inflator the buttons of an Octo-Inflator can usually be differentiated by color and touch/shape thus improving safety when inflating or deflating the BC. Both buttons are positioned on top of the housing, making them easier to operate when breathing off the unit without having to change hand positions. The purge cover is flexible to easily purge the reg should you need to use it. The BC can still be orally inflated through the mouth piece like on any standart BC.
    • Type: 2-in-1 BC Inflator-Octopus
    • 2nd stage design: classic downstream valve
    • Connector: Sherwood high-flow quick connect
    • Hose thread: 3/8"
    • Fits 1" corrugated hoses
    • Nitrox ready up to 40%
    • Available colours: yellow, blue, red with black
    • Service interval: every 12 months, parts for life program
    • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days. This item qualifies for free shipping within Canada! Restrictions apply, but very few. Please check our shipping policies for details.

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