• The LUNA jacket-style BC is designed just for women. SHERWOOD SCUBA contoured the air cell, shoulders and cummerbund on this BC to conform to the female curves for superior fit and comfort. It’s also no accident that it’s extremely stylish with updated materials and graphics.

    A 3-D air cell in combination with an elastic (and removable) sternum strap allow full inflation while eliminating squeeze.

    This women's BCD features the CQR·3 weight release system providing more convenience and ease when installing and removing the pockets. Trim pockets help to achieve the perfectly balanced body position for comfortable swimming.

    SHERWOOD's thickly padded half-pack combines the cushion of a soft-pack with the stability of a hard-pack.

    To safely store away gear and be streamlined under water the LUNA is offering 2 large zippered pockets and 3 stainless steel D-Rings.
    • Type: women's jacket style BCD
    • Ergonomically fit for female body shape
    • Air cell: single cell, wrap-around style with compression straps
    • Backpack type: padded half-pack
    • Dump valves: 2, bottom right & shoulder right
    • Inflator: power inflator with quick dump mechanism
    • Optional Gemini (octopus/inflator combo) available
    • Closures: shoulder buckles, elastic sternum strap with buckle, waist buckle and velcro
    • Tank attachment: 1 cam-strap, adjustable valve loop
    • Weight pockets: integrated, quick-release, CQR-3 easy-load system
    • Weight capacity per pocket: 8lbs/3.6kg
    • Trim pouches: yes, 2x5lbs/2.25kg
    • Pockets: 2 large zipper pockets
    • D-rings: 3, stainless steel
    • Soft neoprene neck
    • Colour: black/tiffany (turquoise)
    • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L
    • Lift: XS = 18lbs/8kg, S = 20lbs/9kg, M = 22lbs/10kg, L = 25lbs/11.3kg
    • In the box: Luna BCD, 2 weight pockets and inflator hose
    • Warranty: 24 months limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days

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