After years of development, engineering and design the MAXIMUS is back. A high performance regulator built to withstand the rigors of the cold and the deep. The MAXIMUS brings with it the most recognizable and unique features that its predecessor carried: the Under Arm Swivel with an extended 41 inch hose, and the extremely comfortable Wisdom Mouthpiece. But this regulator also has several new features that make this regulator unique, such as a One-Touch Adjustment, a SMART Demand Lever, a High Performance Valve Design, and an oversized purge cover. New powerful and edgy cosmetics will give the Maximus a leg up on all the competition.

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  • 1st stage: To keep the internal parts of the MAXIMUS PRO free from dirt, that can cause it to malfunction, it is completely environmentally sealed. The piston/spring chamber is surrounded by a membrane. This membrane doesn't move the piston like a diaphragm design 1st stage would, it's purpose is solely to seal the chamber without using sticky grease or oils while allowing the air pressure inside the chamber to adjust according to the ambient pressure, thus adjusting spring tension and creating a balanced 1st stage. A pneumatically balanced regulator ensures you get the same amount of air delivered whether you are at 3,000 psi or 500 psi thus improving the diving experience.

    Our personal note: all SHERWOOD regulators except the SR2 have the same 1st stage.

    2nd stage: The MAXIMUS PRO features a SMART Demand Lever - the orifice is not screwed into its base, it can move. The sharp edge of the orifice is the part that is sealing against the teflon seat of the 2nd stage when you are not inhaling to stop the airflow. In common systems, when the reg is not used, these 2 parts are resting against each other, meaning the sharp edge of the orifice is cutting into the seat.

    With the MAXIMUS PRO these 2 parts don't rest on each other and the seat doesn't get used while in storage. Only when you turn on the tank (put air in the system) the flow of air will push the orifice against the seat, creating the seal.

    Wisdom Mouthpiece: the longer co-molded mouthpiece allows your molars and wisdom teeth to hold onto the 2nd stage, using your larger teeth to hold onto the regulator reduce jaw fatigue. Additionally, the mouthpiece uses two different silicones with a soft black silicone under your lips but a firmer color tabs that provide tremendous comfort.

    One-Touch Adjustment- Like the SR2, the Maximus has only one adjustment which uses a large easy to use knob which adjusts both flow and Venturi effect.

    The 2nd stage is attached with a swivel to a 41" hose to route the hose comfortable underneath the arm, being out of the way and streamlined.

    Average work of breathing less than 0.75 J/L (@ RMV = 62.5 l/min, depth = 50 m, service pressure = 50 bar)
  • Designed for cold water diving and Nitrox ready up to 40%

    1st stage
    • Body material: marine-grade, chrome-plated brass
    • Mechanically balanced flow-through piston
    • Environmentally sealed
    • 2 HP ports, 3/8" thread
    • 4 LP ports, 7/16" thread
    • Available in INT (DIN conversion kit available here)
    • Weight INT: 2lbs/910g

    2nd stage
    • Air-balanced
    • Casing material: glass-filled polyamide
    • Valve housing (barrel) material: plastic
    • One-touch performance adjustment (2-in-1 inhalation effort and venturi system)
    • SMART Demand Lever
    • Anodized aluminium heat sink
    • Average work of breathing less than 0.75 J/L

    Service interval: 12 months
  • Ships within: 1-4 business days. 

    All SHERWOOD SCUBA 1st and 2nd stages are covered by a 2 years limited manufacturer's warranty and participate in the "parts for lifetime" program. Restrictions apply (valid for original owner and at regular service intervals)!

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    SHERWOOD SCUBA's product registration

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