This system was designed having the needs of extended cave penetrations and decompression divers in mind. It is perfectly capable of supporting multiple stages while still being streamlined even when fully inflated.

Made of extra durable 1100 Dernier TEX Cordura produced in Germany, the upper part of the bladder is reinforced to provide protection where it is most needed. The inner shell is coated with an antibacterial layer that doesn’t wash off for long lasting health protection. 

Need a back up? The XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 TEC is available with a redundant bailout bladder: the STEALTH 2.0 TEC RB. The corrugated inflator hose can be installed on the left or right side of the BC. The dump valve is conveniently placed at the center of the bottom part of the wing. No need to roll on the side when releasing air, which is a great convenience when diving with multiple stages.

Another advantage of the XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 TEC system is the availability of different weight components. It comes standard with a Central Spine Weight Pocket that holds 4 x 2.5 kg (6 lbs). The pocket can be moved higher or lower on the harness to achieve perfect trim. The Central Spine Weight Pocket is also available in a  2 x 1.5kg, 4 x 1.5kg or 8 x 1.5kg version. Further you have optional trim pockets that can be added either on the shoulder or waist strap: 2 x 1.5kg or 2 x 3kg.  

Even the harness shows that a lot of practical experience was put into this design. The crotch webbing is super soft to minimise abrasion of your suit where a lot of movement happens while the waist webbing is rigid to ensure your attached tanks stay exactly where you’ve clipped them. The soft shoulder straps perfectly mould to your body providing a comfortable fit.

All parts of the harness can be adjusted independently from each other. Shortening the shoulder strap does not change the position of your waist D-Rings.

    • Type: sidemount harness with wing
    • Type: sidemount harness with wing and weight system
    • Use: multistage dives
    • Double shell construction
    • Outer shell: 1100 dTEX Cordura (produced in Germany; outer side coated with Teflon aperture, inner side with polyurethane)
    • Butt plate: optional<
    • Inner air-cell material: 440 dTEX Nylon
    • Inner shell coated with antibacterial agent, safe for people. Doesn’t rinse off, permanently adheres to material
    • Lift: 41lbs/19kg
    • Recommended max. amount of cylinders: 8
    • Bailout bladder: optional
    • Corrugated hose: 16-inch/30.4 cm with inflate/deflate valve (K-type inflator)
    • Right inflator port for the optional installation of the inflator hose from the right side 
    • Exhaust valves: 1 pull-dump valve at the center, bottom;
    • Cylinder attachment: through adjustable bungee system (continuous or divided bungee) at chest area, stainless steel D-rings in the back of the waist belt and/or movable rubber D-rings
    • D-rings: 2 angled D-rings shoulder, 2 D-rings crotch strap, 2 attachment plates and 2 movable rubber D-rings on waist strap
    • Central Spine Weight pockets: 4 x 5.5lbs/2.5kg
    • Trim pockets: optional, 2 x 3.3lbs/1.5kg or 2 x 6.6lbs/3kg
    • Weight: BC + harness 6.2lbs/2.8kg, BC only: 4lbs/1.8kg
    • Colour: black
    • In the box: STEALTH 2.0 TEC sidemount harness and BC with hardware, set of bungees and standard Central Spine Weight Pocket, user manual
    • Ships within: 2-8 business days
  • Useful links:

    XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC user manual 

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